Our Services

Agriculture and equipment

Our paints resist weathering and stand the test of times. Specially made for commercial vehicles, tractors, trucks, trailers and machinery. Durable paints that don’t wear and can bear immense heat and cold. The best part, our paints dry in less than 30 minutes!

Power and Electrical

Even a small issue can cause a huge explosion in power utilities. Our paints resist corrosion and offer superior protection. You can use our paints on any electric appliance, cables, wires, etc. Also, our coating comes with fire retardant capabilities.

Speciality Machines

Special machines need special attention. They need perfect conditions to perform better. Our paints will keep the machines protected against foreign agents, resists corrosion and stays new for a longer period of time. If you have a special machine to operate in tough conditions, then WIPCO is for you.


We offer paint to railways that match the current technological trends and at the same time remain great in quality. Our products are especially suited for harsh Indian conditions. With our products, rail coach interiors and exteriors look great for a longer period of time.


Automotives vehicles are well known for operation in harsh road conditions. We used advanced manufacturing techniques that help produce high-quality and ultra-durable paints. Our paints will completely transform the look of vehicles and offer ultimate protection. We offer environment-friendly paints so that we protect our earth from global warming.

Process Industry

Process industries need reliable paints so that they can carry out the manufacturing process without issues. Our paints resist wear and tear and offer supreme protection to process industry equipment. Our paints go through rigorous testing so that quality is never an issue for you.

Epoxy Flooring

Our paints are so strong that you can even use it in heavy traffic and harsh conditions such as industries, hospitals and commercial buildings. The powerful combination of resins and hardeners offers a great coating that’s durable and incredibly resists wear and tear. You can rely on our products and use them with the utmost confidence.

Infrastructure & Construction

The aesthetic value of your home or office depends on the paint you use. Our paints will completely transform the way your home looks and adds a great value.  Our paints work well with very little use of thinner and all our products are eco-friends. That’s our key contribution to sustainable India. We keep up with constantly evolving trends and technologies and deliver products that offer great value even after years.

Pumps,Motors & Valves

Industrial equipment such as pumps, motors and valves need to be coated with high-quality paints so that they remain protected for a long period of time. WIPCO is predominantly known for offering reliable products that are super beneficial for industries that use high-end equipment.